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How to Use AI to Market Your Business: Insights from JL Creative

What Are the Best AI Tools for Marketing? A Practical Guide

This year we've observed a remarkable evolution in digital marketing tools, it feels like there’s a new tool coming out every week and a million people online talking about “the best new AI tool”. There’s not enough time in the day or money in the bank to try out all of these tools, so in this blog we’ll be giving an insight into the tools that we use here at JL Creative.

The tools that we currently use on a regular basis are; 

These tools have revolutionised various areas of marketing for us, ranging from content creation to efficient workflow automation. By integrating these tools, we have significantly enhanced our productivity, which has lead to more robust and innovative digital marketing strategies.

How to Use AI for Digital Marketing: Beyond Automation

We believe that AI's greatest strength lies in its ability to provide options and frameworks for humans to choose and develop upon. This principle guides our approach, where we blend AI's capabilities with our human creativity and expertise. 

AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard and excel in conducting research, generating content ideas and creating content drafts. 

DALL-E brings creativity in image generation and Zapier streamlines our workflows by automating simple tasks. Together, these tools form a powerful arsenal that boosts our marketing efforts, enabling us to deliver tailored, impactful content and strategies to our clients. By harnessing the power of AI, we stay ahead of the curve, continually evolving and innovating in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

AI's impact on digital marketing extends well beyond automation. Our team has witnessed first-hand how AI facilitates content creation, optimises PPC campaigns and streamlines email marketing workflows. 

The Digital Marketing Institute conducted a survey which highlights this shift, with over half of its members acknowledging the transformative impact of AI on their roles and productivity. 

Leveraging AI in digital marketing allows for more efficient use of resources and enhances the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

How to Use AI for Social Media Marketing: A Data-Driven Approach 

AI's capabilities in social media marketing are vast, encompassing content creation, scheduling and audience engagement. At JL Creative, we value AI for its ability to interpret audience behaviors and preferences.

 Utilising ChatGPT, we've been able to create detailed customer avatars for our clients, leading to more targeted and effective social media strategies. This approach goes beyond just boosting efficiency; it's about creating deeper connections with audience’s through highly personalised content. 

Additionally, AI is incredibly effective at repurposing content across various channels. For example you can use tools like Maestra AI to turn a video a transcript, then Chat GPT to turn the transcript into a blog, then a blog into a Linked In post.

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How to Use AI for Content Marketing: Blending Creativity with Technology

In content marketing, we have found that AI excels in creating content frameworks and assisting in the rephrasing of content. Tools like ChatGPT also excel in generating creative content ideas, especially when fed with specific information about our client’s brands, services and customer profiles. This capability is super useful for brainstorming and developing diverse topics. 

ChatGPT also proves particularly useful in providing options for headings and descriptions, enhancing pieces of content that we develop. However, the unique perspective and voice that human creativity brings are irreplaceable.

 We believe in a balanced fusion of AI's efficiency with human ingenuity to ensure our content deeply engages our client’s audience’s, while staying true to their brand's unique voice.

How to Use AI for Email Marketing: Precision and Personalisation

The integration of AI in email marketing within our team has significantly transformed how we connect with client’s our audiences, particularly in customising content and automating workflows. A standout application is using AI, like ChatGPT, to generate a variety of subject lines and preview texts for emails, followed by A/B testing to optimise their effectiveness. 

This strategy aligns with HubSpot's State of Generative AI report from 2023, which reveals that 43% of marketers find generative AI most beneficial for creating emails​​. This fusion of AI with our creative processes enhances the personalisation and impact of our email campaigns, marking a significant advancement in our digital marketing approach.

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How to Use AI in Market Research: Gaining Deeper Insights

The latest version of ChatGPT with Bing integration has really upped the game in market research. It’s ability to quickly crawl the web, sort through huge amounts of data and pull out useful statistics is perfect for creating natural outbound links to use in articles and blogs. 

It's also great for mapping out campaigns and helping to conduct SWOT analysis. This level of efficiency fosters the creation of marketing strategies that are both precise and effective, grounded in a comprehensive understanding of market trends and consumer insights.

How AI is Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing

AI is significantly shifting the digital marketing scene, especially in search engine use. The emergence of Search Generative Experience (SGE) will have more people searching differently, leading to fewer clicks on links. This change is a heads-up for us to rethink our SEO tactics.

We're focusing more on EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), building quality backlinks and creating the most useful content possible. A greater emphasis on understanding search intent is also key.

At JL Creative, our approach is focused on smarter marketing strategies, enhancing productivity and freeing up valuable time for creativity. For marketing professionals, adopting AI is crucial – it's already reshaping the landscape of our industry. 

Keeping pace means embracing AI-driven innovations to stay competitive and forward-thinking.

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