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ChatGPT: The Complete Guide to Training Your Own AI Assistant

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By Renee

28th November 2023

The Complete Guide to ChatGPT 4

ChatGPT 4 of OpenAI has released new features, and you can use them to your digital marketing and SEO benefit. This can help with daily to-do's and streamlining processes. 

In this blog, you'll get a breakdown of each of these features and how to start getting the most out of them right away.

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What are the new features? 

With the updates to ChatGPT 4 you can now: 

Note that the 'create a customisable gpt'  service is still in Beta.

Training your GPT assistant

If you have upgraded from ChatGPT to ChatGPT 4, you'll want to go to the "Explore" tab, and hit "Create a GPT".

Here, you can decide what your GPT will be used for. Maybe you are a blog writer, like myself, and you would like support on content ideas and outlines. 

You'll be able to tell the GPT the tasks it will be carrying out. This way, you no longer have to remind it what it will be supporting you with each time you revisit the site. 

Tips for getting started:

  • Send the GPT an outline of your company's brand personality. If your brand archetype falls into the "explorer" category for example, you may have an 'optimistic' tone of voice across your website and socials. You'll want to make sure your GPT understands this.

  • Share your target demographic or customer persona; who they are, where you connect with them, etc. 

  • Ask the gpt if it has any questions regarding the personality you have sent, that way you can get any misunderstandings cleared up right away. (we recommend doing this each time you send a task to ChatGPT) 

  • Share links to your website, socials, etc. for the bot to browse in order to build its understanding of your brand. 

  • Tell the GPT the kinds of tasks it will be working on, and examples of work you have already done and consider to be great! 

  • Make sure the GPT knows the intention of the content you are creating. Are you trying to educate? Entertain? Sell? Attract? 

  • If you end up editing the finished product that GPT sends back to you, ensure you tell it what changes you made and why. This can help save time and errors in the future. 

Remember that this service will only be as good as the prompts you feed it, you'll still need to review each task it completes for you. Hubspot has a great guide on creating solid prompts for AI. 

Sending Your GPT To Browse The Web

Instead of copying and pasting entire pages into ChatGPT, you can now simply send a link and your GPT will start browsing and gathering insights. 

If you're using a customised GPT, you may have already trained it to know exactly the kind of insights it should be pulling out for you, which can be a great help and save loads of time.

Tips for getting started: 

  • Some websites have this service blocked. Ensuring you've enabled the right cookies and pop-up blocks can help avoid running into this. Although, some sites will not allow it altogether. In this case, the old fashioned copy and paste may still be your best bet. 

  • This feature cannot yet listen to audio or watch video. So if you're sending it to Youtube, or TikTok, it will not work. A useful tip might be to download video/audio transcripts and feed them into the chat box. 

  • You can send links to live analytics and have your GPT break down the full scope of data into just a few bullet points. For your SEO efforts, this can be a great way to integrate other SEO tools such as SEMRUSH or Google Trends. Your GPT can pull out any relevant trends in real time.

Read more about the limitations of this service. Ensuring you are briefly browsing the site before sending it to your GPT is still a must. This way you can be clear about the insights it should be pulling out for you, and that it isn't focussing too heavily on irrelevant points. 

Creating AI Generated Visuals with ChatGPT 4

You can now use the service "DALL-E" in ChatGPT 4, which will produce an image based off of the prompts you feed it. 

Tips for getting started: 

  • Be as specific as possible. If you want animated, or stock images, ensure you are clear with your requests. 

  • If you feed this bot too much information, you will likely be met with an error message, and then ChatGPT will send you a written explanation of what it thinks you want. You can copy and paste this back into DALL-E and it should then be able to produce your image. 

  • If you're unhappy with the end result, you can tell the service to ask you questions in order to have it better understand what you are after. 

Remember, AI generated images are not often well received by audiences. With the influx of content, people are looking for authenticity. My advice would be to keep it very simple when using this feature. Try to sprinkle in as much of your own images as possible to avoid being overly reliant on AI images. 

Watch our director break it down:

As always, there will be trial and error with these new features. However, learning how you can make the most of them can help your digital marketing efforts massively. It should be reiterated that each one of these new features requires nurturing in order for them to be effective and work for your brand.

None of these features replace the touch that a human can add to content online. The SERP wants human voices, and so does your audience, remember to add in your own opinions when it makes sense to do so.

Keep your prompts solid, spend some time doing tests, be clear with the goals you have for your GPT, and always add your own touch! 

How will you use these new updates?

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